What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down In The Middle of The Road?

When your car starts to give you problems, your first action should be to turn on the emergency hazard warning lights and to guide it to the side of the road. After which you may attempt to trouble shoot the vehicle’s issues as well as to restart the car. Failing which, you should call for professional assistance.

Before we dive further into the steps to be taken, we first need to explore why a car may breakdown in the middle of a journey.

Common Issues Behind Car Breakdowns

Knowing the various common reasons behind car breakdowns will help you to troubleshoot the issues. Here are 5 reasons why your car may stall while being driven:

  • Your car may simply have ran out of fuel. As silly as this sounds, it has happened to the best of us. Typically, with the help of the fuel gauge, you should have ample warning and time to find a gas station. However, if fuel is not available in the vicinity then you should be prepared for the car to eventually burn through its existing fuel.
  • Your alternator, the component that is in charge of generating electric power in your car, may be failing. When your engine is running, its alternator charges the battery and supplies electrical power for all electrical systems. If you notice the battery warning sign on your dashboard flashing on when driving, this is a sign that your battery is about to be fully drained.
  • The ignition switch, which is used to power on and start your car, may be malfunctioning. Given the frequency of its usage, the ignition switch is prone to wearing out. Consequently, if it fails when the engine is operating, power will be cut off to the ignition and fuel systems. This will cause your engine to stall. Depending on the exact issue, you may be able to restart your car after the stall.
  • Failing of the fuel pump. The fuel pump is responsible for delivering fuel from your gas tank to the engine in order to keep it running. However, like any of your other car components, it is vulnerable to wear and tear. As such, a worn-out fuel pump may not be delivering fuel at the right pressure to the engine or be unable to operate under high temperatures.
  • Malfunctioning car sensors will give inaccurate data inputs thus leading to compromised control decisions. Issues that arise range from having inefficient car performance include feeding the driver false information that leads to a forced stop.

What To Do During a Car Breakdown

It can be an absolutely frightening moment when your car starts to give you trouble in the middle of traffic. No matter how safe you are when driving or how well we treat your car, there is a possibility that an unforeseen situation occurs. As such, you should always be ready for such emergencies, staying calm and safely handling your failing car.

In all situations, your priority should be both the safety of yourself and that of other drivers. As such, precaution and safe procedures should be stuck to. Here is a 3-step guide that you should follow in the event that your car begins to give you problems while on the road:

(1) When you are first alerted to a potential issue with your car, do not panic! Also, do not ignore the issue, be it a warning from your dashboard or unusual sounds. You should stick to the outer most lane and be prepared to guide the car to the side of the road or the road shoulder. This is possible even in the event of a loss of power.

Alternatively, if you are travelling at a fast speed, then calmly begin to brake while turning on your hazard lights. This ensures that other drivers in the vicinity are alerted to your issue and will have time to give you a wide berth.

(2) Turn on your hazard lights if you have not done so yet and inspect your car. Do check it for the common symptoms that we mentioned previously in this article. You may also attempt to restart your car. If you are successful in doing so, then ease it into operation, sticking to the outer most lane while you make your way to the nearest car repair workshop for a full inspection.

(3) Call for a tow truck service if you are unable to restart your car. If you were able to find any symptoms or problems during your inspection, be sure to inform the workshop. This will allow them to bring the appropriate tools to either give you roadside assistance or to safely tow your car away.

Engaging an Emergency Towing Service

Once you have called the towing service, you can break out your car’s emergency kit consisting of the hazard triangle or bright cones. Placing these a distance from your car gives drivers ample notice of your presence up ahead.

Next, take a seat inside your car and strap on your seat belt. A common mistake made by drivers is to stand outside their car while waiting for assistance. This action needlessly endangers you as other drivers may not be paying attention.

However, if your car is emitting smoke or it is stuck in the middle of the road, then it is advisable for you to exit and to wait by the side of the road. Do remember to bring along your belongings, including that of your identification, mobile phone and insurance information.

Once the tow truck arrives, be sure to ask for the identification of the driver. This ensures that the right towing company has arrived. It also helps you to identify the personnel in the future.

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