About Shenton Recovery​ Pte Ltd

Shenton Recovery Pte Ltd is based in Singapore, therefore, if you are in need of any roadside assistance here we are only a phone call away. We have a team of reliable and trained drivers and repair technicians with many years of experience. We are known for our excellence in our efficient towing service and fast roadside assistance at an affordable price.

Our team at Shenton Recovery Pte Ltd understands that when you give us a call, you are not in the best situation. Therefore, we strive to recover or revive your vehicle as quick as possible to ensure no more time is wasted. We offer a complete range of roadside assistance from towing vehicles of many kind to replacement of batteries and tyre repair. We are a one stop solution to every driver’s automotive problem.

Our Values


Our expertly trained team of Shenton Recovery Pte Ltd service technicians aim to cater to every specific needs and requirements in the upmost professional and reliable manner.


Here at Shenton Recovery Pte Ltd, we practice strong work ethics to value add to each and everyone that engages us during a stressful time.


We understand that our role here at Shenton Recovery Pte Ltd plays a very important part to people who needs our help; therefore, responsibility is a must to our team.

Advantages Of Our Service

Shenton Recovery Pte Ltd team is extremely passionate in what we do. Our prices are highly competitive and we are extremely quick to respond to your situation, our team has many years of training and experience to handle all kinds of roadside problem. That is why when you engage us you will be assured of the work and the service to you. Our goal is to provide a fast, reliable and quality experience for our new and returning customers.

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